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Theology and Humor

I think a healthy approach to theology is of the utmost importance.  I think this quote by Thomas Oden pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Because of piety’s penchant for taking itself too seriously, theology does well to nurture a modest, unguarded sense of comedy. Some droll sensibilities required to keep in due proportion the pompous pretensions of the study of divinity.
I invite the kind of laughter that wells up not from cynicism about reflecting on God buyt from the ironic contradictions accompanying such reflection. Theology is intrinsically funny. This comes from glimpsing the incongruity of humans thinking about God. I have often laughed at myself as these sentences went through their torturous stages of formation. I invite you to look for the comic dimension of divinity that stalks every page. It is not blasphamy to grasp the human contradiction for what it is. The most enjoyable of all subjects has to be God, because God is the source of all joy.

Shakespeare’s Antithesis

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?
But it won’t stop snowing, will it ever?
Like t’land outside, my heart is iced and gray
Failed, for my finest, and last endeavor.
You are the one that got away from me.
Yet you still grasp like a vice my heart
Tighten your grasp an I’ll bleed, please agree
Let it bleed, let it bleed and fall apart
Like the moon I am sick and pale with grief
Darkness reigns because the sun has now set
The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief,
I shall smile here and move on, don’t you fret
My being is much more than you can see
I shall, hence forth go on and only be me